CASA's approach to teaching and learning is one of adult learning. The professor facilitates the learning process, the student assumes the responsibility of learning and the host family and local culture become the laboratory practice and continued learning occurs.

For 30 years our goal has been to provide students with a taste of a full immersion experience similar to that of the Peace Corps but of shorter duration, and has proven to be an excellent vehicle for students to hone valuable life skills such as decision making, problem solving, interpersonal skills, flexibility, tolerance and the conviction that change begins and can be made by oneself.

Our credit bearring programs are sponsored by U.S. colleges and universities, yet there are customized programs for the indiviudal not seeking university credits and for groups of high school students. Learn more

How are we different?

And, it's not all just work either!

It's hard to learn if it's not fun! We make sure you have time to travel, have fun, experience classroom material in real life, interact with your host family while understanding and enjoying the host culture.  Ecologically rich Costa Rica is known worldwide for its incredible beaches, majestic mountains, and perhaps the friendliest people on earth.  Nicaragua is an undiscovered gem…pristine natural places, generous and resilient people, a contrasting place where the rich past and the present coexist.







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